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    More Bewitching Fun Arrives on DVD March 21


    All 33 Episodes Plus Bonus Materials Available in a Four-Disc DVD Set

    Culver City, CA (January 9, 2006) – The nose-twitching madness continues when Samantha, Darrin and Endora return for Bewitched: The Complete Third Season, debuting on DVD March 21 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The DVD includes all 33 episodes in a four-disc set, as well as exclusive bonus features, and will be priced at $39.95 SLP.

    Bewitched was a tremendously influential show, establishing its own sub-genre in the ‘60s sitcom scene (i.e., “I Dream of Jeannie” and “The Flying Nun”). The first episode aired on ABC in 1964, becoming an instant hit and subsequently ABC’s longest-running comedy at that time. With its perfectly cast ensemble consisting of Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York and Agnes Moorhead plus Alice Pearce and Marion Lorne (who each won Supporting Actress Emmys for Bewitched), the show lasted for eight seasons and 256 episodes. Produced and directed by William Asher (TV’s “I Love Lucy,” “Gidget”), Bewitched was nominated for 22 Emmy Awards® during its 8-year run, winning three.

    Bewitched detailed the marriage between witch Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery) and mortal Darrin Stephens (Dick York). Samantha is a strong, independent woman with the world at her fingertips -- or twitch of her nose. Her husband, a talented advertising executive obsessed with living a conservative and normal lifestyle, is constantly asking Samantha to promise to tone down her witchcraft. Yet despite her best intentions, her crafty, meddling and powerful mother Endora (Agnes Morehead), always manages to interfere. The third season begins with Samantha and Darrin settling in with their baby Tabitha and her uncontrollable “wish craft.” Compulsive practical joker Uncle Arthur (Paul Lynde) also pops in and out throughout this season. Guest stars include: British theatrical legend Maurice Evans as Samantha’s father, Bernard Fox (Titanic) as Dr. Bombay, Estelle Winwood (The Misfits), baseball legend Willie Mays and Norman Fell (TV’s “Three’s Company”).

    DVD Special Features Include:

    Digitally Remastered Audio and Video
    Full Screen Presentations
    Audio: English, Spanish, Portuguese
    Subtitles: Spanish, Portuguese
    Bonus Previews
    Closed Captioned

    Bewitched: The Complete Third Season DVD Episodes Include:

    Nobody's Perfect
    The Moment of Truth
    Witches & Warlocks Are My Favorite Things
    Accidental Twins
    A Most Unusual Wood Nymph
    Endora Moves in for a Spell
    Twitch or Treat
    Dangerous Diaper Dan
    The Short Happy Circuit of Aunt Clara
    I'd Rather Twitch than Fight
    Oedipus Hex
    Sam's Spooky Chair
    My Friend Ben
    Samantha for the Defense
    A Gazebo Never Forgets
    Soapbox Derby
    Sam in the Moon
    Hoho the Clown
    Super Car
    The Corn Is High as a Guernsey's Eye
    Trial & Error of Aunt Clara
    Three Wishes
    I Remember You ... Sometimes
    Art for Sam's Sake
    Charlie Harper, Winner
    Aunt Clara's Victoria Victory
    The Crone of Cawdor
    No More Mr. Nice Guy
    It's Wishcraft
    How to Fail in Business with All Kinds of Help
    Bewitched, Bothered and Infuriated
    Nobody But a Frog Knows How to Live
    There's Gold in Them Thar Pills

    Broadcast Year: 1966-1967
    DVD Catalog # 13690
    UPC Code: 0-43396-13690-8
    Order Date: 2/16/06
    SLP: $39.95
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    33 episodes??? Shoot, if they tried to film 33 episodes of ANY popular sitcom these days, the stars would drop dead.

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