SPHE Press Release: Ben Hur (Miniseries)

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    Rome Made Him a Slave. Revenge Set Him Free.
    The Epic Remake of a Beloved Story Stars Joseph Morgan,
    Stephen Campbell Moore, Emily VanCamp and Kristin Kreuk

    Bonus Features Include a Behind-the-Scenes Featurette

    Debuting on DVD April 30th

    CULVER CITY, CALIF. (February 19, 2013) – An epic, three-hour miniseries of honor, power, betrayal and revenge, BEN HUR debuts on DVD April 30th from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Based on the novel by Lew Wallace, BEN HUR follows a wealthy Jewish youth, in the time of Jesus Christ, who is seeking revenge and reclaiming his identity after being betrayed by his friend. The all-star cast includes Joseph Morgan (Master and Commander, TV’s “The Vampire Diaries”), Stephen Campbell Moore (The History Boys, TV’s “Hunted”), Emily VanCamp (TV’s “Revenge,” “Brothers & Sisters”), Kristin Kreuk (TV’s “Beauty and the Beast,” “Smallville”), and Alex Kingston (TV’s “ER,” “Upstairs Downstairs”).
    The DVD comes with behind-the-scenes featurette “The Making of Ben Hur,” giving an inside look at the making of the miniseries.
    In this new adaptation of the colossal classic, Ben Hur the mini-series delivers more action, passion and revenge than ever before. The timeless story follows two friends who become bitter enemies and the historic events of the time as told through the eyes of Judah Ben-Hur. Born a wealthy Jewish merchant's son, he is destined to live many lives: a powerful businessman, a dutiful slave, a fierce gladiator, a Roman nobleman, and finally...a conquering hero. This extraordinary adventure-filled saga is the historic epic for a new generation.
    Bonus Features Include:
    § “The Making of Ben Hur” featurette
    BEN HUR has a running time of approx. 192 minutes and is not rated.
    From Drimtim Entertainment S.A., Pontius Pilate Productions (Muse) Inc., and Zak Productions S.A.R.L., the series was directed by Steve Shill and produced by Michael Prupas, Manuel Corbi, Simon Vaughan and Roger Corbi.
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    Talk about a movie that REALLY, REALLY does NOT need to be remade!
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    William Hughes
    Considering this show is going up against the 1959 @$$ Kicker I hereby place a bet of $2.00 on the new version to TANK. :laugh: (If I ran a Horse or Dog Racing Track or a Jai ALi Fronton "Tank" would be a bet your pick would come in LAST) :D

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