SPHE Press Release: Angry Birds Toons: Season One-Volume One (Blu-ray)

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    For the First Time on Blu-ray and DVD Dec. 3rd



    More Than 70 Minutes of “Angry Birds” Fun for the Whole Family


    Bonus Features Include Never-Before-Seen

    Meet the Characters Pods, a Free Angry Birds Windows PC Game

    and a Special Holiday Episode



    CULVER CITY, CALIF. (Oct. 9, 2013) – For the first time ever, the exciting animated adventures of the #1 paid mobile app of all time are brought to life when ANGRY BIRDS TOONS: SEASON ONE - VOLUME ONE dive bombs onto Blu-ray and DVD Dec. 3 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Just in time for the holiday season, Angry Birds Toons, the next installment in the $2 billion global Angry Birds franchise, brings to life the characters and adventures from one of the most beloved games in history, now as episodes for the whole family to enjoy. Join Chuck, Matilda, Red, Bomb, the Blues and Terence as they attempt to thwart the wily plotting of the Bad Piggies in 26 hilarious episodes, encompassing more than 70 minutes of entertainment.


    Both the Blu-ray and DVD comes with new bonus material, including the never-before-seen “Meet the Characters” pods, which introduce Red, the Blues, Chuck, Matilda and the Pigs, and a special holiday episode “Wreck the Halls,” where Red and Bomb Bird lead a rescue mission to win back the Bird’s Christmas gifts from The Pigs. Also included is a redemption code for a free Angry Birds Windows PC Game – a $5 value.  Lastly, there are three behind-the scenes featurettes detailing how the beloved characters are brought to animated life, plus a character art gallery and the “Meet the Flock” pods.



    Life isn’t easy on Piggy Island for the Angry Birds. Red and his fearless feathered companions, Chuck, Matilda, Red, Bomb, Blues and Terence, must band together to protect their eggs – and their future – from the wily plotting of the Bad Piggies!


    Blu-ray & DVD Bonus Features Include:

    § “Meet the Characters” and “Meet the Flock” Pods

    § Angry Birds Windows PC Game

    § Three Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes

    § Character Art Gallery

    § Special Holiday Episode: “Wreck the Halls”


    ANGRY BIRDS TOONS: SEASON ONE – VOLUME ONE has a running time of about 72 minutes and is not rated.

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    Before we get to the typical Angry Birds bashing, one question: Are these any good?

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