SPHE Press Release: 10 Items or Less: The Complete First and Second Seasons

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    Express Lane Now Open for Laugh-Out-Loud Comedy


    All 13 Episodes of the Sitcom’s First and Second Seasons
    With Bonus Features Including a Blooper Reel and Featurettes
    Arrive on DVD December 30

    CULVER CITY, CALIF. (October 20, 2008) – 10 Items or Less: The Complete First and Second Seasons makes its DVD debut December 30 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The TBS comedy series -- 10% scripted, 90% improv and 100% lunacy -- stars John Lehr, Robert Clendenin, Chris Payne Gilbert, Christopher Liam Moore, Greg Davis Jr., Jennifer Elise Cox, Kirsten Gronfield, Roberta Valderrama.

    The bonus features for this innovative comedy series in which all the dialogue is improvised includes 10 Items or Less: A Look Behind-the-Scenes, and Notes from the Casting Couch featurettes, a blooper reel and two internet viral videos. The two-disc set containing all 13 episodes from the first two seasons will be available for $29.95 SRP, just before a new season debuts on TBS.

    When he inherits his father’s family-owned grocery store, Green & Grains, young Leslie Pool’s (Lehr) hands-on, open communication approach to store management soon alienates him from his misfit employees. Despite Pool’s determination to prove he can do things his own way, chaos ensues, spawning a comedy of errors with a host of quick-witted characters and their outrageous relationships.

    BROADCAST YEAR: 2006-2008 (TBS)

    DVD Special Features Include:
    · Widescreen Presentations
    · Audio: English 5.1 (Dolby Digital)
    · Featurette: 10 Items or Less: A Look Behind-the-Scenes
    · Featurette: Notes from the Casting Couch
    · Coffee Break (Blooper Reel)
    · Internet Viral Video: Choking
    · Internet Viral Video: The Apology
    · Closed Captioned
    · Bonus Previews

    10 Items or Less: The Complete First and Second Seasons Episodes Include:

    The New Boss
    Miracle Worker
    Health Insurance
    What Women Want
    Bag It

    Dollar Day Afternoon
    Forever Young
    To Heir Is Human
    First Time
    The Bromance
    Amy Strikes Back
    Illegal Alien
    The Ren Fair

    10 Items or Less: The Complete First and Second Seasons has a run time of approximately 312 minutes is not rated. Artwork is available at Welcome to SPHE Connect. Visit Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on the Web at Sony Pictures.

    DVD Catalog #25876
    UPC Code: 0-43396-25876-1
    Order Date: 11/27/08
    SLP: $29.95
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    I've been asked to no longer post my reviews on HFT.
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    I really like this show. It's certainly inconsistent sometimes with regard to quality level but at its best it's a fun, quirky, original show. The diverse cast help it from looking like every other sitcom on the tube. Star John Lehr certainly anchors the show in his own unique way but it's comedic sensation Jennifer Elise Cox who really makes this show worth watching. If you liked her in The Brady Bunch movies as wacked-out Jan or in the late, lamented Lovespring, Inc. then you'll love her here.

    Thankfully the show has made it to a third season and added the fabulous Kim Coles to the cast. I'm a bit disheartened by some of the online reviews I've read from people who don't "get" the show. You're not supposed to "get" it nor is it always supposed to make total sense. It's a delightfully off-kilter show about borderline-loons in a supermarket. It's not meant to be cool & hip like 30 Rock. It doesn't have to be.

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