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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by KevinZ, Apr 10, 2005.

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    Just moved, tv is now setup on a smaller wall than before and I had a question about setting up the speakers.

    When I originally put everything in he room I just put them next to the TV, I haven't even finished setting everything up though. When reading through the manual I noticed one said not to place speakers directly next to a TV unless they are a certain kind of speaker or TV as to not screw with the picture.

    The TV is a Pioneer Elite 7200 rear projection
    Speakers Paradigm Reference Studio 100
    Sub Paradigm PW2200 12"250

    With these speakers is it alright to have the speakers next to the TV? Is there a minimum space there should be?

    Right now I have it setup along the wall as

    Sub - Speaker - TV - Speaker - Component rack

    The speakers are fairly close to the TV, the only other option I would have would be

    Speaker - Sub - TV - Component rack - Speaker

    Which doesn't look nearly as good, and if it doesn't affect or hurt anything I would rather keep it as is.. Figured I should at least ask though

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Having the speakers right next to the TV is never an optimum solution (see link in previous post) but your Paradigms are magnetically shielded so they shouldn't interfere with the TV (assuming it's CRT, I don't recognize that by the model, based which is the only type effected by magnets in non-sheilded speakers). If there was a problem you would know since magnetic interference effects the picture on the TV and can be permanent if the speakers are too close for too long.

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