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  1. Howard Williams

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    Mar 7, 2001
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    I was just thinking. You know how ants and other bugs are attracted to food and they swarm onto it until it is gone? It is their sense of smell that draws them to a dead carcass for example. What would happen if the ants could smell the carcass but couldn't actually get to it to eat it? Would they get pissed off and just ignore it? For example, let's say I had a dead cat. I throw it out in the yard. In a day or two it's swarming with ant and other bugs. I go out there and shake off all the ants and bugs. I put the dead cat in a thick clear plastic bag. I poke holes in the bag to let the smell out but I make the hole so the ants can't crawl inside. They know there is food for a month at the tip of their tongues but that can't get to it. Do they just say "Forget it" and ignore it or or does there instinct make them stay?
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    Ants are stupid, they would probably walk on the bag for days looking for a way to get in until they died.

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