Speakers- Sml or Large?/Two Sub Set up?

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    I have the Yamaha RXV-795a with Klipsch Mains, Center, & Dipole Surrounds. To best optimize my HT setup, how should I configure the speaker set up on the receiver to Small or Large?
    Also, I have a JBL 12" sub and would like to purchase an additional one. How do I set up this configuration? Where should I place dual subs for optimal bass? Finally, do I use a Y-adapter to split the LFE signal from the sub output from the receiver to two separate 12" subs or is there a more effective and efficient method?
    Please help!!
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    Hi Adrian. Welcome to HTF! [​IMG]
    With a external sub, most people define the rest of their speakers as SMALL. This tends to sound better because:
    - The receiver won't try to send power-hungry low-frequency sounds to the 5 speakers
    - You can place the external sub in a optimal position in the room which smoothes/improves the bass response. These better positions are rarely the same position as your other speakers.
    Sub Placement: Unlike regular speakers, you get a lot of the woofer sounds reflected from the walls instead of direct.
    And with dual subs, you can have a problem: putting them in different locations means that the sound-waves will interact in complex ways. The sounds will cross creating spots of loudness and quietness, and all the ranges in between. Even moving your head 1 foot can make a huge difference.
    For this reason: you want to put the two subs together in your room. On top of each other if possible. I know it sounds funny to do, but you want the two woofers pushing/pulling in sequence and from the same location if possible to minimize the funny interactions.
    In general: the best place in any room is a corner where the two longest, un-obstructed walls meet.
    How to wire: Youve got it - you run a coax-cable to near the subs, then add a Y-adaptor to 2 smaller cables to the subs.
    Hope this helps.
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    Set the size of your speakers based upon their bass response and your receiver's crossover capability. In the manual for my receiver, it recommended setting the speakers to large if they were capable of bass below my receiver's fixed low pass crossover frequency of 100Hz. I think this has given me the best response from my setup.
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