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Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by Rob_mikh, Feb 22, 2004.

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    I am relatively new to HT, and I'm looking for opinions from more seasoned people. My only previous experience is with a Yamaha HT in a box. I listened to them at the store and for a couple of days at home and I like the sound, though I understand the speakers need a break in period. 60%HT, 40% music

    I just purchased the following 7.1 configuration and I am still within a 15 day window to make changes or returns.

    The configuration is as follows:

    Receiver: Yamaha RXV2400
    Speakers: All Paradigm v.3
    Fronts: Mini Monitor
    Center: CC-370
    Surround: ADP-170
    Rear: ADP-170
    Sub: PDR12
    Room Size: approx. 260 sq ft

    I got this for 20% off list and it just fit my budget. Should I consider making changes. Some of my concerns are:

    Is the Yamaha and Paradigm a good match
    Is the RXV2400 too much or too little receive for these speakers
    What should I use as the crossover, i assume I should set it on the receiver.

    Thanks in advance for all you opinions.
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    Does it sound really good to you - does this setup put a grin on your face right now? If it does, then don't change a thing 'cause it's working.

    TIA disclaimers - I do not have a 2400; I've had prior Yamaha receiver experience with Paradigms. I didn't have ADP-170s in back but that involves personal preference more than model differences. That said, it all worked for me.

    Everyone will have their own preferences for gear and you might hear something else about Yamaha & Paradigm. Some love 'em, some had quibbles. You heard 'em and you voted with your wallet - that speaks volumes right there.

    The reason I "upgraded" from my Yamaha was pitiful/fixed bass management - your 2400 fixes all that, so you should likely run bass mgt from the receiver. The 2400 seems to be a fine unit and should handle likely upgrade-itis when you want to tweak speakers in the future. And it will happen - it's not a fault of those Paradigms. I found money and started sneaking some Reference replacements into the mix, that's all. It happens to practically everyone.

    Enjoy your new gear! I'll bet it sounds grand.

    PS - the one change/regret I have is that I "found" Studio ADPs for the surrounds at a steal. They're fine & I like them, but if you get into multichannel audio (SACD, DVD audio) then you might prefer direct radiators. That's what I have in the way-back and it seems OK. If you're mostly HT then the ADPs are fine.

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