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Dec 8, 2002
Hello to every one, I’ve been making some research for speakers here in my city (in Venezuela) and I think I have found a great deal, I can buy a pair of Technics sblv110 Bookshelf speakers at 75$ the pair, I know they aren’t that good but right now I have a Sony satellite speaker system so it will be an upgrade for me.

My problem is that the only center speaker that I have found is a Technics sbafc32 and I have notice that it doesn’t have tweeters, so I’m not sure if it will match the 110, the diameter of the cones in the afc32 is of 3,5” Do you think that it will fit in the system?, if they doesn’t match I prefer to let pass the opportunity (I’m doing nothing without the center channel), I’ll appreciate any help of you.



Apr 21, 2003
Hey Roman,
Sorry, but I can find no information on that model Technics. Since the center channel has no tweeter, I would tend to think that it would not provide the best timbre matching. However, if you like the sound and price of the Technics speakers, you could always by another set and use one as the center channel. Heck, you could get 3 pair, and have matched speakers for a Dolby 6.1 setup!:)
Assuming that you can return the speakers if they don't sound right, just buy them and try them. I know that my Video Essentials DVD has a segment where the voice moves around the room, and it is a great way to get a "feel" for how speakers are timbre matched.

Good luck!


Lew Crippen

Senior HTF Member
May 19, 2002
Welcome to the forum Roman.

There is no need to use a ‘center’ speaker as your center speaker. In fact Dolby recommends using the same speaker for best results. I agree with Gary’s suggestion.

Many manufactures design a center speaker in a horizontal style, so that it will more easily sit on top of (or underneath) a TV display or behind a projection screen. Others may choose to switch from a woofer/tweeter configuration for the front speakers to a 3-way design for the center speaker by including a mid-range driver for supposedly better voice reproduction Finally, many manufactures shield the magnets on the drivers of their center speakers, so that the normal close proximity of the center speaker to the TV that may result in some display convergence problems is eliminated. And of course combinations of all three of these items.

But keep in mind that none of this is necessary—the exact same speakers will work well (though you may need to be mindful of the problems caused by magnets).
Dec 8, 2002
Thanks a lot folks, coincidentally I was reading a post about using conventional speakers as center last day, I think it’s a great idea, and the 3 pairs will be cheapest than 2 an the center:D

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