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    I am trying to get my system working well with the equipment that i currently have. I screwed up and bought some stuff that didn't really match up properly, but I really want to try to make it work without throwing any more money at it.
    I have a 105 watt receiver that can handle 2 speakers at 8 ohms or 4 speakers at 16 ohms. I bought 4 speakers that run at 6 ohms and obviously (Now at least) nothing runs well. I don;t have the cash to go out and buy 4 16 ohm speakers, so I am thinking about running the speakers in series. If I run 2 of the speakers in series, my impedance should be at 12 ohms (6ohm+6ohm).
    Is this a safe load to run on my system?
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    Unless you are trying to create concert volume levels 6ohm should have been fine...
    Unless what you mean is(since you don't tell us what you are using)...
    You are using speaker A and B together on a stereo receiver and are coming up with a 3ohm load.
    But yes, to work around this issue, run the speakers in series.

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