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Speakers from Estate Sale - Paradigm and B&W (1 Viewer)


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Feb 14, 2008
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Hey everybody,

I found out about an estate sale in the area and picked up all the speakers in the house. I'm offering them up to everybody in the Philly area for what I paid as I don't need them. I just didn't want them going to any of the South Philly hoodlums that seemed to populate this estate sale. I can't really ship any of these since that is such an enormous task in a city (Philadelphia) when you have no car.

1. Pair of B&W DM640i Floorstanding Speakers - in like new shape, must have been around a smoker at some point because the cabinets have a hint of smoke smell. Sound very similar to the DM604 S1's that a friend has (DM640i was the predecessor). Comes with all the different ports for the rear, as well as manual and spikes. Very well taken care of. $450

2. Pair of B&W DM601 S1 speakers - in great shape with a few cabinet scuffs here and there, nothing really detrimental. Note: One speaker's tweeter is not working, but having contacted the local B&W dealer, they said it shouldn't be more than $40 to replace. These are incredible for the size. $150

3. B&W CC6 center channel - in excellent condition, no major marks on cabinet, grill in great shape, sounds sweet. $120

4. Pair of Paradigm Monitor 9 v.2 - in overall great condition, no major marks on cabinet, grills in great shape, giant killers for the price. Hearing these made me fall in love with Paradigm. $400

5. Pair of Paradigm Monitor 3 v.1 - in great overall condition, a few small marks on the cabinet, grills in excellent shape, amazing sound (esp. bass) for the size. $175

I'm open to offers on any of these, too. I realize this is for a limited number of people since I can't ship, but I figured some locals may want to upgrade or pick up some sweet speakers.


For now, send PM for pictures. Photo re-sizing program isn't working.

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