Speakers for Dolby EX rear surrounds

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  1. Patrick Williams

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    Oct 8, 1998
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    I'm planning to change my system over to 7.1, and need advice on speaker selection. I use all Definitive Tech speakers:4 BP-10's for mains and surrounds, a CLR-1000 center, and a Powerfield 1800 sub. My surrounds are located about 3 feet off to each side of the sofa, which is right in front of 3 windows (about a foot away from wall.)

    I'm thinking of getting 2 Definitive Tech AW100's for use as the rear surrounds, for 3 reasons. One they mount on brackets, 2 they will fit between the wall and the sofa, and 3 they're water resistant;as the windows near them will sometimes be open. I'm planning on facing them up. According to the Def. Tech web site, the AW100's are basically all-weather versions of the Procinema 100.

    My question is this: When you set the speaker X-over in your pre/pro in a 7.1 system, do the rear surrounds use the same setting as the side surrounds? Obviously my BP-10's can handle much more bass than the AW100's. If I set them up to X-over at 80HZ, will I be OK? Are these a good choice?


  2. Robert George

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    Jul 3, 1997
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    I just replaced a pair of Atlantic Technology dipoles with a pair of B&W LM1 mini monitors for my back surrounds. The improvement was immediately noticable, even in this "less than critical" application.
    B&W LM1
    What was even more apparent is the much flatter response of the B&Ws compared to the ATs. After I ran the MCACC auto-calibration in my Pioneer Elite 49TX receiver, I noted the EQ settings on the back surrounds were much closer to "flat" than the ATs were before.
    In fact, I'm so impressed with these mighty minis that I'm now considering replacing my side surrounds with a similar speaker from B&W, the VM1.
    B&W VM1
  3. David K. Johnson

    Dec 29, 2000
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    Any advice re: Using Monitor Audio Silver Series for the rear/side? I already have their 9I's in front. Is there something better/cheaper that will match up with the 9I's? Thanks, David

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