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Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by Tony TW, Oct 13, 2003.

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    Oct 13, 2003
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    I am new to the Home Theatre arena thus any advice will be truly appreciated.... With a budget of ~$1.5k, I am looking to replacing/upgrading my existing Pioneer VSX-305 HTS (purchased off my roommate back in the university days The HTS delivers lower than par sound quality even comparing to some $200 boom-boxes out there)

    My two choices are:
    COLOR=red]1). Replace the whole system:[/color]
    Looked at:
    Receiver - Denon AVR1803
    Speakers - Energy Take 5.2
    Sub - Definitive Technologies Pro-Sub80
    Total package $1.5k -- Overall I like the combo except that the Take5.2 are not that solid in mid-range although the clarity is superb.

    [ 2). Upgrade Components:
    keep Pioneer VSX-305 receiver, front and rear (all bookshelf size) speakers and replace front speakers and subs:
    - Energy Connoisseur C-3
    - Athena Techologies AS F1
    - Klipsch RF 5 or 7 (bit overf my budget)
    - Definitive Technologies Pro-Sub 80

    For Choice 1:
    - any other system you would recommend?
    - how much should I spend between speakers/receiver. Is 75%:25% about right?
    For Choice 2:
    - I can find little info on my receiver -- should I replace it or just keep as is and upgrade later?
    - Is it more important to upgrade the speakers (esp. front) first and the receiver later ?
    - any comment about front speakers/ sub listed -- any other choices you would recommend?

    Many thanks in advance !!!!

    Regards Tony[​IMG]
  2. Lew Crippen

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    May 19, 2002
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    Tony, I have not heard the Energy’s but they are certainly getting very good reviews. But as to alternatives, have you considered Ascends with a VTF-2 or the Rocket ELTs? Both would come in at that figure or below.

    AV123 has their ELT system plus a Denon 1804 for $1,250. If you are OK with the look of their wood cabinets, this is a fine system for primary HT use and is also quite good for music.

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