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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by JustinJB, Sep 18, 2006.

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    Hey there,

    Relativly new to home theater. Purchased a well-rated HTIB system for my parents. Problem is, the included speaker wire is too short to reach the rear speakers (I have to thread the wire to them in a round-about way).

    Simple solution is purchasing a spool of speaker wire from a local retailer and cutting to length. Problem is, I dont know what to do with the tips. I've been told bare copper wire will corrode rather quickly. However, the standard speaker wires seem to be made of an alloy, perhaps of silver. They don't have any proprietary connection scheme...it just seems to be twisted, exposed wire at the ends that are loaded into the "spring clip" style terminals on the speakers.

    So, what's the recommended solution? Is there a wire I can get that will not corrode if the tips are just left bare and fed into the speakers? If not, are there connections that will attach to the speaker-wire and will also go into the spring-clip backs of the speakers?

    thanks for your time.
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    Many people use just bare wire. The oxidation problem is not as bad as you think. You may want to check them once a year for discoloration and trim them back if there is any sign of deterioration. You can also buy these:

    Pin Audio Connectors at Radio Shack

    However, even connectors like these don't shield the copper from oxidation all that much. But like I said, it really is not that much of a problem, unless you are extremely anal about stuff like that.
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    Bare wire will corrode, but it will take YEARS for it to corrode to the point where it would actually affect the sound in a "normal" home environment. If you are anal, a little dielectric grease on the ends should keep them fine for a long time. If you can solder, a little tinning on the end will keep you from having strays and also give some minor protection.
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    Oh and don't go and buy a spool of wire, just measure what you need and and goto home depot and buy it off their big spool 'o wire.

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