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UncleMiles Smith

Jun 5, 2015
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Miles Smith
Hello, new to this whole Home theater stuff. My house is prewired for home theater speakers, there are 4 electrical covered boxes (two from wall two rear wall) with the speaker wire in them, all leading to a main electrical box where I'm going to mount my TV. As far as my home theater unit goes, i'ts a costco purchased Sony 3D, Bluray 5 speaker system, plus bass woofer, it makes it nice for someone like me to hook up, colored connector with wire for each speaker wire with colored connecter. Now I want to mount the speakers to the wall where the electrical boxes are, How do I mount them? and how would I hook all the speakers from the main box to my system, the wires a much thicker and really would work in my system because it has the colored connectors. I'm thinking I may need to splice the wires together so that I can plug them into the system. What hardware will I need ? :(


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Jul 4, 2012
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Wire cutter/splicer/butts

Every hardware store carries tons of it.

How to mount your speakers requires you to tell us what speakers these are. Do they already have a keyhole?


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Mar 26, 2014
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You need to make some longer "pigtails" with the stock proprietary connector. This is where you have about 3-6' of wire (length depending on your situation) coming off the HTiB unit plug with stripped ends. This is so you can connect your HTiB into the wall wires that are hopefully on a faceplate. If you don't have connectors on the wire coming from the wall I would invest some money/time into terminating them. This will make things so much easier in the future for you. Not only will it look better but if you label the connections it will be so much easier to change things in the future. I don't know how many wires you have coming out of the wall but something like this faceplate is what I'm thinking of. The use of 5 way connectors makes it super easy as you don't even need crimp connectors. Just strip the wire, screw them down into the connector and repeat until you finish it off.

If you want to get fancy put banana plugs on the pigtails that way you just need to plug them into the connectors on the faceplate and you're done. Good thing about those is they are reusable so when you upgrade your system take them off the pigtails and use them with your new system. You'll also want to get an electrician's tool while you're at it to strip the wire.

As far as the speakers go if they are the speakers from the HTiB you're going to have to find a mount that will fit on them. Some of them have curved backs that will not be very good for a screw into the speakers type mount. If they have keyholes or screw holes you're in business. Something like these could work well for you depending your speakers.

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