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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by Todd Rozelle, Mar 30, 2004.

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    Hopefully I explain this correctly. I built a room that I installed in-wall speakers, these will be wired directly to my receiver to the "A" spkr selector. I also pulled speaker wire from my receiver to a gang-box in a wall then to a pair of outdoor speakers. My idea was to then install a Niles volume control in the box to control volume for outdoor speakers - these would be on the "B" spkr selector.
    Now that I've actually started to think about it (after speakers and wires are installed), I typically will want the volume higher outdoors than indoors, so with both "A" and "B" depressed and Vol on receiver set to indoor listening level, I will be unable to turn up any higher than on the indoors. So should I install another volume controller on the indoor speakers and crank up the receiver volume using the 2 controls to attenuate? or is there a way to amplify the signal to outdoor speakers so I can set its volume higher?

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    An easy way to solve the problem would be to use more efficient speakers outside. Failing that you can use an ā€œLā€ pad to reduce the volume of the indoor speakers. However, this will reduce the headroom and (ultimately) the maximum available volume level of your indoor speakers. How much this is a problem will depend on the power of your receiver and the level you run your system.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt
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    Understand that volume controls do not amplify or turn up the volume - they only can turn it down. Your receiver or ampliflier sends a full signal that the volume control either passes fully or attenuates if turned down.

    You should start with the volume controls at full, which is exactly the same as if you had wired the speakers up directly without any volume controls at all. Then turn down the speakers that are too loud. You will not be losing any overall potential power. Adding more volume controls by themselves will not make anything louder - you must use power amplifiers to do that.

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