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    I have a pair of Infinity SM-112's and have since upgraded my speakers. These are mint with no scratches or anything on them and still sound great. I am thinking of selling these but have no clue on how much they are even worth. I bought them with a nakamichi receiver 3 in 1990 for 900. My sales slip never itemized the separate items.
    I've tried to find them on e-bay to see what others are selling them for but have not been able to find anything. Are there any websites that have a price evaluation for electronic equipment? I did find one but they wanted to charge me for it. Any other ideas??
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    Click on the link on the right that says blue book.
    It may or may not offer a value. Also email the folks at the stereo trading outlet (afiliated with audiogon) as they buy a lot of used equipment for resale so they can probably offer you some good advice. Be sure to let them know that you need a resale value though and not what they would pay you for them (prices will be very different).
    Good Luck

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