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  1. Bill_Watts

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    Jul 23, 2002
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    I recently upgraded my reciever to the Denon 3802 and upgraded my sub to a SVS PCi 25/31. My speakers are next.

    Here is my plan:

    Phase 1
    Studio 60 Mains
    Studio CC Center
    (continue using my JBL N24's as surrounds)

    Phase 2
    Studio 20 Surrounds (rear)

    Phase 3
    Studio ADP Surrounds (side)

    System is used 50/50 music/HT. Room size 17 x 21.

    Is this the best set up for 50/50 use? How much of a difference will the StudioADP make once they are added?
    Does anyone discount Paradigm online and/or phone orders?

  2. BrianWoerndle

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    Feb 19, 2002
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    Paradigm only sells from authorized dealers. You won't find them online.
  3. Chas_T

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    Jun 1, 2002
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    It sounds like a fine plan to me if you want to go the Paradigm route. There are other brands out there, so give a good listen before you purchase.

    I am entrenched in Paradigm at the moment with 100's for fronts, reference center and 40's for rears. If my room was larger, I'd try to add the ADP's.

    My listening mix is about the same, but recently I've been more involved with 2 channel music listening. You might want to listen to the 100's and see if they fit your needs as you make your final decisions.

    The 100's do a real nice job without the sub for 2 channel, but I think that depends on the type of music you enjoy. Also, the 100's like a lot of juice and if I recall the Denon puts out 105 per channel. However, many have stated they are pleased with the output at that amount of power.

    You would also have the option of finding a 2 channel amp using the pre-outs of the Denon. Used 2 channels can be picked up fairly easily at a nice price on audiogon. I think it would also improve the 60's if you go that route with external amplification. That is my personal experience when I made that slight change with a receiver.

    Just some thoughts to chew on.

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