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  1. Alan Lackey

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    Apr 13, 2000
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    I am looking to upgrade my current system and would like some input from the experts here.

    If you had $1000-$1300, what speaker setup would you purchase, including subwoofer.

    My room is about 15x20..in case that helps.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. John Garcia

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    Jun 24, 1999
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    That was about my budget when I started my current system about a few years ago. I got:

    4 Paradigm Titans and a CC170 - $600

    Yamaha YST-SW500 sub (with remote for adjustment!) - $340

    Already had a Sony receiver (would not get another unless it was ES) - $300.

    It sounded very good, but the reciever was really lacking. Have since upgraded much of that system.


    I will always recommend Paradigm for speakers - Atoms and Titans are the lower end and are excellent for the price. Much better than any other speaker in their price range (won best price/performance for 11 years running!)

    Figure at least $300-$500 here. I would say Marantz SR4200, Denon 1802, Onkyo TX-DS595 Each of these will give you good sound without breaking the bank. Speakers are important, but a clean receiver with a good, strong amp is JUST as important. Skimp on this and you will hear it.

    Starter sub for HT - Sony SA-WM40 (not as accurate for music, but it's all in the tweaking).
  3. Dan Hine

    Dan Hine Screenwriter

    Oct 3, 2000
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    What is your current system? It may be possible to just move your fronts to the rear which would allow you to spend more money on 4quality speakers instead of 6 of lesser quality. Just a thought. If you want to replace all your speakers how about Home Theater Direct Level III Combo Y. At $979 total its a great bargain. They also have a very nice efficiency rating so your current receiver could work out just fine. Enjoy!
    Dan Hine
  4. BryanZ

    BryanZ Screenwriter

    Dec 18, 2000
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    For me, Adire Audio Rava or HSU VTF-2 and the ceramic nOrh 4.0 package. If you have something to power it with, get a SVS 20-39CS or 16-46CS for the sub. [​IMG]
  5. george king

    george king Supporting Actor

    May 29, 1999
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    Two options (everyone always suggests their favorite speakers).

    Fronts Kef Q35.2

    Surrounds Q15.2

    Center Q95c.2

    Adire Audio Rava sub


    2 pairs Q15.2s


    Rava sub.

    Hope this helps.
  6. Phil Iturralde

    Phil Iturralde Screenwriter

    Oct 7, 1998
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    Personally, I recommend the JBL NSP1s (room 20' x 30') and any powered sub (like SVS, etc.) because the JBL NSP1 has usable base below 90 Hz - making it easy to blend with just about any powered sub (I use the Audio Source SW15). But for some, spending more equates to better sound. So if you can, audition the JBL S36 & JBL S-Center, design based on JBL award winning Profession Studio Monitors.
    Mark Knight discovered what makes the new JBL S-Series the price vs. performance leader. He documents his findings in the
    JBL S36 and S-Center review.
    During his search for music and Theater SPL sound bliss, he owned & reviewed (links included) the following speakers (probably chooses by popular recommendations);
    1) Energy Take-5
    2) Klipsch Quintets
    3) Atlantic Technology 270THX
    Mark reveals why JBL S-Series is not only competitively priced, . . . but performance wise, a bargain vs. similarly and higher priced offerings.
    Consumers & JBL can thank Dr. Floyd Toole for providing a winning product series. (. . . Dr. Floyd Toole's groundbreaking work on lab-controlled listening test at Ottawa's National Research Council in the 1980s can be found today in the rapid dominance of such NRC-inspired Canadian speaker lines as Energy, Paradigm, and PSB." - excerpt from Stereo Review SEPT. 1998 pg. 112 by Corey Greenberg "The High End" article)
    For more JBL S & N-Series INFO & Reviews w/links, see my website Why you should add JBL N & S Series to your audition list!
    NOTE: Because my website is 'free', hosted by GeoCities, if too many HT enthusiasts visit, GeoCities will shut it down for an hour or so because it exceeded the specified 'freebie' Data Transfer Rate. Sorry about that, just bookmark it and visit my site an hour later or when everyone has gone to bed!

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