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Speaker Upgrade/Replacement thoughts? (1 Viewer)

Jul 1, 2001
OK - it is now time to begin replacing speakers. I had an Eosone sub/sat system that I bought 8 years ago when I worked at Best Buy. I replaced the sub with an SVS 20-39 3 years ago. The sound was incredible. I have been very happy with our setup. The size was nice (tiny) but the sound was big! I tweaked the system for every last drop that could be gotten out of it.

However - I have apparently killed one of the speakers. I currently have it as the left rear - so it's not as noticeable - but it's definitely replacement time. As Eosone is out of business as far as I can tell - I have to replace at minimum 2 speakers and will probably look at all 5.

My room is approximately 14x17 with a Mits 46807 tv, Denon 3801 receiver and the SVS is driven by a Fidek. It is important to note that 85% of our listening is done via movies - 5% tv viewing (football) and 10% music - via iPod.

Last weekend I took the wife and kids (I'm brave!) to Tweeter to check out their replacement options. We listened to Polk, Sapphire, and Mirage. What we walked away with was an appreciation for the Polk RTi seris. I'm considering the RTi6 for mains (they hang on the wall and I already put in-wall speaker cable in!) with a CSi5 for the center and looking at either the FXi3 or FXi5 for the surrounds. I plan on keeping the SVS!! This ranges from $1150 to $1300 depending on the surround. We demoed the LSi series and they were nice - but my wife agreed with me that we didn't notice $800 - $1000 worth of difference between them. The Sapphire was nice - but it didn't keep up as well as the RTi. The Mirage speakers didn't even stay in the same ballpark - I wasn't impressed at all with them.

We're not ready to purchase today - it's going to be a month or two probably. I just wanted to get the ball rolling - and make my wife comfortable with the thought of spending MORE money on the theater!

Any thoughts or feedback from any of you out there?


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Dec 1, 2003
Listen to some Martin Logans, those ARE worth the price difference...also try giving Paradigm and Boston Acoustics a listen, they both make excellent speakers. Sorry, I'm not a Polk fan, I heard some various Polk speakers at Circuit City a while back and they just absolutely turned me off. :S
In the end, it's whatever you prefer...but at the very least, give the Martin Logans a try. They have the best soundstage that I've ever seen/heard.
Jul 1, 2001
Ohh - no doubt about the Martin Logans! I am definitely impressed with them. However, I am kind of stuck with the room that I have and from left to right I have : a door to my utility room (washer/dryer/second refrigerator), my Mits tv and then the audio rack that contains all of my equipment. As it currently exists - there just isn't any room left for a floor freestanding speaker. I wish I had a larger room available - I have a pair of Klipsch LaScalla's in the garage that I am storing for a friend!!!


Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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Aug 5, 1999
Corpus Christi, TX
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Have you been happy with the Eosones? If so I’m sure you can find some replacements on eBay. It certainly would save you a pile of money.

However, if you’ve been looking for an excuse to upgrade the whole rig – don’t tell the wife about eBay. :D

Wayne A. Pflughaupt
Jul 1, 2001
I hadn't thought about the eBay thing. Not a bad thought. I may upgrade the whole rig anyway and then sell my 4 good ones on eBay or buy a fifth and sell it as a complete set. My wife had suggested selling the 4 as a front three with a spare ... but this could work.

Does anyone here have the Polk RTi bookshelf series and have thoughts on it?

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