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  1. ScottT

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    Jul 10, 2001
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    I'm new to the HTF. I did a search but didn't find anything on the Boston Acoustics VR 975, VR 920, and VR-M/EX. Are they worth the money? Are they any good?
    I currently have BA System9000. And Now its time to upgrade.
    I need to make my upgrade at Myer-Emco. To get my money back from the 9000.
    Toshiba Tw40x81
    Onkyo 656(looking to upgrade soonr to Onkyo Ds-989)
    BA System9000
    Sony DVP-S550D
  2. Tony Genovese

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    Oct 5, 2000
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    I own the 975's with VR920 Center and 4 VRMX's for sides and surrounds using a Lexicon DC-2 controller. This system replaced Vienna Acoustics Beethovens, Maestro Center, and Haydn surrounds, which had a more laid back sound (i.e. colored IMO). But the Viennas were more beautiful to behold [​IMG]. The Boston's are very accurate, play loud and are efficient (will go loud with little watts). In addition, the bang for buck is excellent, and if it is important to you, they're made in the USofA.
    Tom Nousaine measured the 975's for Sound and Vision and found frequency response to be very flat. The reviewer commented on their midrange accuracy and compared them very favorably to his reference (which I think are still B&W 803's - $3,500 per pair). I use my setup for music and theater and have been quite pleased. For some reason, they don't get the interest that some other speakers here do (Paradigm and PSB come to mind) but it's not due to lack of quality or sonic excellence for sure. The tend not to submit their stuff to the audiophile press (TAS and Stereophile) although The Perfect Vision gave the System 9000 an excellent review a few issues back, which tends to discount them for lots of folks.
    The VR920 center is one of the few that does it right IMHO. It includes a 1" tweeter above a 3.5" midrange flanked by two woofers. This translates to superb off axis response which can't be touched by the traditional woofer tweeter woofer centers. Take the set home, you will not be disapponted.

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