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    Hey Everyone,
    My parents surprised me this XMas by buying me a Sony HT in a box (I'm a college student, so this is better then nothing) unknown to them I had just bought a used Outlaw 1050. So when I got back to my apartment I hooked it all up, replacing the sony receiver with the Outlaw. Now, it all sounds great and everything, but I'm already ready to start upgrading the speakers from the Sony ones that came with the HT...

    So, my question is, which speaker(s) should I upgrade first? I'm leaning towards the center, because then I can still use my old Sony center as a rear center with the outlaw. So in my speaker research I narrowed it down to the Axiom VP-150, the Acoustic Research ar4c, and the JBL-S center. I use my HT for everything from video games (DPL) to DVD to music, so which center channel would be best (if any of those) for me? The $$ isn't as big a deal for me (though I'd like to keep it below...$250) 'cause I don't wanna have to come back and replace the center again a year down the road. Or maybe the center shouldn't be the first thing I upgrade?

    Any help / guidance / suggestions you guys have, please let me know!
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    You really want to make all 3 front speakers match if possible. Dont buy a center until/unless you buy matching L/R's as well. More and more movies and games are moving dialog to the L/R speakers for wide shots and you will ruin the effect with a different center.

    Save your money and buy 3 identical monitor speakers. This will let the external sub take care of the low frequency duties.

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