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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Dennis Ellis, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. Dennis Ellis

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    Jan 2, 2001
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    Still can’t decide on a new set of speakers for HT. I currently have the JBL NSP1 package (4 N24’s, N Center) and a Sony WM40 sub.

    The first concern is that the sat’s be as small as possible. These will be going in a new house and the powers above me have spoken.
    Next, I want them to be of better quality/sound better than my JBL’s.
    I am not totally unhappy with the JBL’s, they just don’t overly impress me or anyone else. A friend of mine has a sony HTIB that actually sounds better.
    Also, I would rather get a package w/out the sub and continue to use the Sony sub if it will work together.

    AR HC6
    Energy Take 5.1
    NHT SuperZero’s and an NHT center (which one?)
    Lastly, Fluance I could either get the AV-4’s (or AV-5’s) and AV-SC center (then I’d have to try and find a set or surrounds) or just get the AV-HTB.

    Other options could be something at Best Buy/Circuit City stores.

    Other info:
    My receiver is an older Onkyo 575x
    The new house will probably have hardwood floors.
    I should get the measurements of the room today and will try and post them later tonight.
    Budget should be under $500.00

    Please give any advice or other suggestions. Thanks.
  2. EricSm

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    Aug 29, 2002
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    Edit: I didn't see your budget on the bottom of your post there, so take this post with a grain of salt.

    You had mentioned in Energy Take system. While it's pretty good, I think it's worth a look at the Energy C1s as mains and the CR1s as rears. They aren't "satellite" small speakers, but they are much smaller than most bookshelf speakers. I think the performance benefits of a slightly larger enclosure might better satisfy you.

    Here's the size dimensions:

    W - 6.5"/16.5cm,
    H - 13.7"/34.8cm,
    D - 9.8"/24.9cm


    W - 12.5"/31.7cm,
    H - 7.0"/17.6cm,
    D - 5.75"/14.6cm

    There's no way getting around the center channel. It's... somewhat big.

    The only reason I suggest that setup is because it's relatively small compared to most speakers, sounds great, and will probably be more satisfying than the Take system. Granted, I've never heard them side by side.

    If you are set on a sub/sat combo then I really recommend taking a look at the Polk RM6700 set. I had the 6600 series and was really pleased with it until I decided I wanted "bigger" speakers.
  3. Dennis Ellis

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    Jan 2, 2001
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    Not sure of the price of the C1's or CR1's but if they are more than the Take 5 set then it's out. Thanks though.

    I haven't heard the Polk's. DO they sound alot better than my current set-up or my above picks?
    Any good place online that has them in my range?
  4. dan fritzen

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    Mar 19, 2001
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    I have the NHT Super Ones and love them, they sound really nice even without a sub, but you already have one, the best part is you can buy an extra super zero for a center.
  5. Pablo Abularach

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    May 27, 2002
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    Dennis Ellis,

    It will be very helpfull to know what your budget is,

    But if you want something better than JBLs and you are willing to pay more, you sould check Acoustic Ascends, CMB 170 is a great bookshelf, check their website,

    Ascend Acoustic CMB-170 Bookshelf speaker
    Dimensions H x W x D** 12" x 9" x 10"

    And you could add a VTF2 or VTF3 to finish your setup.

    You could end up with a good setup with the
    SERIES 2000 $1258 (including a VTF2)

    Hope it helps,

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