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    Anyone have any recipes for Speaker Stands? I need something for my rear speakers (they're small bookshelf speakers) that will put them at the 2-3' above the ear position. Regular stands you buy just aren't high enough.. I'm guessing maybe they have to be like 4-5 feet high. Because of the way my room, and my speakers, is shaped, it makes it too hard to use wall mounts, so what I really need are really tall stands, and I don't want to spend a lot on them.
    I thought of maybe using PVC pipes but I don't know if they're the look I want, even if I paint em. The speakers have a very wide screw hole on the bottom that I'd like to use to mount the speakers to the stand with
    Anyone have any ideas?
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    I assume a solidly built all-metal stand is the way to go, but what about other methods? Especially if cutting is involved, I'm not going to be cutting metal for the base and the top.
    How are the vibration levels on:
    -Metal posts plus wood bottom and top
    -All wood
    -Plastic pvc tubes plus wood bottom and top
    I'm looking at about 36 inches high for the posts.
    Would filling the PVC tubes with sand or shots bring the vibration level down comparable to metal?
    Also, glue, screws, or both?

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