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    Mar 16, 2002
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    I am having a custom pair of speaker stands built for me, but I have a question about the top plate. First, here are the general specs(per stand):
    10" W x 12" D Granite Base
    (4) 20" H x 2" Diam. Stainless Steel Pipes
    7" W x 9" D Top Plate

    What should I use as the top plate? I considered Corian, but was advised against it because nothing sticks to it. The Paradigm Studio 40s need to be fastened to the top plate in some manner w/o marring the speaker. Should I go with MDF? Stainless Steel? Regular Steel?

    And What about under the granite? Superspikes, Spikes w/ vibrapods, or feet of some sort?

    Thanks in advance for any advice one might have.
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    I would suggest small rubber bumpers on the top plate and blu-tak for the top to couple the speaker to the stand. I suggest spikes for the bottom to spike through the carpet. Check partsexpress.com for all these items.

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