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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by David_Bell, Feb 21, 2004.

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    I posted about this on the ascendforum but I'm hoping I can get some more advice from people here whether you own Ascends or similar sized bookshelf speakers. I'm getting ready to buy 2 pairs of Ascend CBM-170s for front and surround plus the 340c center, and I'm looking for opinions on speaker stands.

    For the mains (CBM-170s) I’m considering the StudioTech SS-30 (three columns, triangular). Also the Target FS70 (28", two smallish columns) And the Sanus Steel Foundations 30" look nice but are more expensive. These are all fillable which appeals to me. The general consensus seems to be that 30" is a good height for relatively small bookshelves like the Ascends, correct? My center channel placement would depend on new furniture yet to be purchased so I can't worry about that yet.

    I’m more concerned with stands for the surrounds. I’d prefer them to be a good couple feet above ear level so that gets us into the realm of telescoping stands. I like the C-clamp type mounting on the Furnitureworks RC-1, and I like the base on the StudioTech SN B.
    Then this VTI BLE101 claims to support up to 40 lbs.

    Obviously the main concern is the idea of having my relatively heavy 170s teetering on tall, splindly stands with just a flat mount and maybe some Bluetac to attach them. Have any of you come across brackets that work well for mounting? Or any other tall stands with a more solid mounting system? The CBM-170 is about 13 lbs. and most of these telescoping stands are supposed to support up to 15 lbs. Is that pushing it? I’m even less comfortable with the idea of wall-mounting the 170s into crumbly drywall so that’s out for the time being.

    I had links for all these stands, but it looks like newbies aren't allowed to post URL's. I'm looking mainly at racksandstands.com and audioadvisor.com. Anyway, I’d appreciate any advice or opinions. Thanks!

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    Someone just posted over on the Ascend forum some pics of his tall rear stands . . . check it out in the general forum.

    For the fronts, ideally you would want the tweeter at ear height while seated. I have my CBM's on Sanus 30" stands, seem about right to me. I wouldn't go lower than 28" though.

    By the by, your rear speakers will do just fine wallmounted, that is if there is a stud to mount the brackets to!


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