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    I have been looking to buy some speakers but have absolutly no idea what all these khz, db senstativity, frequency responce,tweater,Ohms, and woofer size mean. I have some idea but not a complete idea. I have just been asking about some speakers and most peoples responses seem to be just opinions and havnt been able to make a desistion on the specs. Are these the only things that affect the speaker quality? Anyways im just like to no what the best for all of them would be in these 3 ranges just so i have an idea of what to look for when buying:

    1. Top of the Line Speakers
    2. Middle of the Road
    3. Begginer Speakers

    Thanks for any help
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    Unfortunately, all those specs in and of themselves won't tell you anything about a speakers quality or how it will sound. The characteristics of a speaker are complex and getting good sound out depends on factors like the drivers used, the enclosure that they've been put it, the proper selection of a crossover, etc. The specs simply give you a guide as to their capabilities. I would not be getting hung up in whether that speaker is a 3 way and this one 2 way. Or that these are towers and those are mini monitors. Or that ones got a polypropylene driver but this one has a carbon fiber kevlar reniforced treated paper one.
    Getting back to the specsFor example, the sensitivity of a speaker gives you a clue as to how loud they'll play if you're sitting one meter away from them and putting in one watt of power. What good is that information? Well it gives you an indication of how loud they can play, whether the receiver you've got has sufficient power, etc. Others I'm sure will chime in with explanations of the other specifications and their relevance.
    With regards to what's top/middle/bottom end, well that's entirely subjective typically depending on the amount of available cash. One man's floor is another man's ceiling, right?
    I think what's important at this stage is to sit down for a while. Make a list of what's important or relevant to your particular needs. For example...
    size of room
    need or desire to run games like xbox or whatever through the system
    does another person have to be consulted with regards to the speakers for instance.
    do you have space contraints.
    u renting or own...neighbors gonna mind if the sound gets loud?
    you a movie watcher or just into it for the music?
    what's your budget?
    still play tapes or use a turntable?
    All the answers to these questions will help in narrowing down the list of components. If you make a reasonable choice now, and say it's your entry level system, when the time comes for you get something more capable in line with your increasing needs, you can then move this system to a bedroom, kid's room, basement, wherever and know that it'll perform pretty well.
    In the meantime, go out, without your wallet!, and listen for a while. Take every recommendation a salesperson gives you with a healthy dose of salt and whatever you buy, make sure you can return it and get ALL your money back.

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