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    I have a Technics Receiver. I can do a test for all my speakers. Not sure where I should bottom the volume. 1/4 way up, 1/2 up etc. Should all the speakers be set the same or should surrounds be different? There are no markings on the side of knob. Also not sure which is best position (+12 to -12) after the test is done. Should all speakers be at maybe +6? When using Home Theater do you usually turn volume on TV down or mute it etc.
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    Hi Gary. Welcome to HTF! [​IMG]
    First thing, the numbers on your display are an APROXIMATION only. You have different speakers than I do, and you sit a different distance from them, and they are at a different angle than mine. This is why your numbers and mine will NEVER match. So dont ask people what their numbers are - it only applies to them.
    There IS some adjustment you can make.
    An "ideal" system would put your chair in the exact center of a circle. All speakers would be on the edge, they would all be identical, and all point exactly at you.
    When a sound moves from speaker to speaker in this "ideal" system, it would not change volume.
    Now we get to the real world.
    In your system, you have a mix of different speakers, at a different distance, pointed in somewhat different directions. To compensate for this, your receiver allow you to:
    - Add/subtract some volume from the center speaker
    - Add/subtract some volume from the right-rear
    - Add/subtract some voluem from the left-rear
    The test-tones are there to help you.
    People often buy a Radio Shack SPL meter, put it in their listening position and let the test-tones swirl around and show them where they are off. Then they use the receiver setup menu to add/subtract volume until all speakers have the same rough volume.
    Search for "calibration" and you will find posts/links with details.
    Hope this helps.

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