Speaker Settings for my Boston Acoustics L/C/R Speakers

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by myronkim, Feb 26, 2011.

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    Hello Everyone,

    I just had a quick question regarding my home theater setup.

    I'm using two Boston Acoustics CS26b bookshelf speakers for my left and right fronts and a CS225C for my center. They're being powered by my Denon AVR-591.

    I just ran Audyssey for the first time with my new setup and it gave me the following settings --

    L/R Speakers -- speaker size LARGE; crossover freq. FULL BAND

    Center Speakers -- speaker size SMALL; crossover freq. 40hz

    I was wondering if these settings are accurate. I ask because the center channel seems relatively large and my L/R speakers are -- in my opinion -- medium sized.

    I also ask because the first time I ran Audyssey, by L/R speaker size was set to SMALL.

    I have a small apartment. I just want to make sure I'm getting the fullest sound with my limited set up.

    (I also have two small surround speakers, but those don't have anything to do with my question)

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    Both the fronts and center should be set to Small and the crossover to no higher than 80. 100 might be better. You can go into the setup menu and change these settings after running the automatic setup feature. It's quite common for these room correction programs to set the speakers to Large and the crossovers a bit too high. Let the sub woofer do the grunt work.
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    Jason Charlton
    "Large" and "Small" have nothing to do with the physical size of the speakers - it differentiates speakers that are capable of producing the full frequency range, including the lower octaves (Large) from those that are not well-equipped to produce good lows (Small).

    Most of us agree, however, that if you have a subwoofer included in your system, it's better to set ALL your speakers to Small and/or set a crossover frequency that will send all of the low frequency sounds to the subwoofer. After all, that's what the subwoofer was designed to do - handle low frequencies.

    By sending all the low frequency signal to the subwoofer, it takes some "strain" off of the rest of the speakers since they don't have to expend the power to produce the lower, boomier sounds (producing bass requires moving a lot of air, and thus, a lot of energy).

    This frees the mains to do what they do best - focus on the mid and high frequencies.

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