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    I was thinking of buying the PSB Image 7Ts for my Mains. I went to audition them today and while they are Full Range, I felt they still needed a sub. So I got to thinking, what would I set my receiver to; Large or Small?
    If I set the Receiver to Small then wouldn’t I be "wasting" the Full Ranger power of the Mains? Since the Bass signal would be routed to the Sub instead of the Mains? I would mostly be using the Sunfire True Sub Jr.
    Or, What if I set the Receiver to Large? Would I then be "wasting" the sub?
    If I would be wasting the speakers in the Large setup then I was think of just going down to the 6Ts for the front. If I went with this option then I would put the money towards a better Sub like the Sunfire True Sub.
    Another option that was suggested to me was to do the following:
    Set the Receiver to Small and then split the Sub-Out three ways (The Sub and the two mains [since the 7Ts are supposed to have low frequency input ins]). This would allow me not to "waste" anything in the setup.
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    This really isn't a question of wasting a speaker or a sub. If you like to use the sub all of the time...both music and movies, then I would set the front speakers to small and rely on the sub for all your lower frequencies. This would allow you to buy the smaller bookshelf speakers, save some money and buy a better sub. This is assuming that you really like the bookshelf/sub combination...you would have to hear it.
    I don't usually like subs for music but I do for movies. I would set my front speakers to large/no sub while listening to music and small/with sub while playing a movie. This is also assuming that my fronts can handle the full frequency range for music on their own...which they can.
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