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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by volcrazy, Jun 8, 2009.

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    I have read a ton of posts here, and would be fine if you just directed me if this has already been asked and answered. Let me describe my setup and then ask for advice...

    Turning my bonus room over my garage into a home entertainment space. So far I have purchased:

    Onkyo 607 Receiver
    Panasonic AX200u Projector
    Accuscreens 108inch CineGray Acoutically transparent screen
    Playstation 3 for gaming/Blu-Ray
    Harmony 890 Universal Remote

    My room is basically a square, it is 16.5 x 17. Seating will be around 14 ft from screen.

    I'm down to buying speakers. I have tried to research and buy the best of the middle of the road equipment for the room...don't need the best stuff ever, just enough to impress my wife. [​IMG] I have looked at tons of speakers, but more than anything else, i have read that speakers are subjective. So,I have come down to the Polk 6750's that are CHEAP on amazon (i know they are discontinued, so that's why they are cheap) and the Energy Take Classic 5.1 system. Ideally, i want to pay as little as possible for a worthwhile sound experience (i know, subjective). Both of these sets have great reviews, but i'm open to other ideas. Any thoughts on anything i've mentioned and/or ideas about what to do speakers wise? I am planning on flush mounting the front 3 speakers in the wall behind the screen, and the rear speakers will be on brackets/shelves.

    I can spend up to $500 on speakers and sub at this time, without feeling like a jerk.

    I await your wisdom. Thanks so much! Love the forum!
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    Really don't think it's a good idea to put rear-ported bookshelf designs in a wall. They are designed to be in the open, at least a few inches away from the wall. Get actual in-wall speakers if you want to do that?

    I'd personally go with bigger identical bookshelf speakers a bit away from the wall, although that would move the screen maybe a foot from the wall I think that's better for sound quality. Otherwise I'd go with speaker designed for in-wall though I'm not familiar with them.

    With budget constraints maybe 5x Energy C-50s, and a $250 TC-250 sub from thespeakercompany?
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    An accoustically transparent screen with a $500 speaker system??

    Your system will sound like crap....there is NO SUCH THING as an accoustically transparent screen. You will need at least equalization to the system. If you step up a few notches you could purchase THX certified speakers which in theory have some built in EQ modes to allow for a perfed screen.

    fun stuff!! Good luck.
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    i haven't listened to them but to actually get 5 speakers and a sub, new, shipped, this is the only combo i'd consider: from partsexpress.com -
    BIC dv62 center and bookshelves in front, BIC dv32 bookshelves for surrounds and a dayton 12" sub. this combo will leave you about $50 in your budget which would be well spent on a sub cable and a spool of either 50 or 100ft of 16awg speaker wire, also of course from PE.

    other options are many, but i wouldn't buy a 5.1 system for $500, new, shipped. i'd build the system over time, i'd get the front 3 speakers together. i'd get the best sub i could afford. i'd fill in the surrounds with something cheap or had sitting around the house.

    there's ebay too, if you're into that. here are always deals to be had. as for energy, i'd consider the c100 series - budget friendly and a big step up from the take classic.

    go listen to the polks and energy's if you can. you may be satisfied with them. you could also buy and then upgrade over time. personally, i'd rather listen to something really good in 2.0, 2.1 or 3.1 sound than a mediocre 5.1. but this is really all down to personal taste.

    good luck...
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    Wise words...

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