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Speaker Recommendations

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Troy S, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. Troy S

    Troy S Agent

    Oct 23, 2003
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    Yes, more questions from me! I checked out some more speakers and subs based on your comments from all my other questions, thanks for the info!!

    Here is what I've decided on as far as a setup and need recommendations. I would prefer to buy local or big box.

    Fronts: Bookshelves or smaller dimension floors but would like full range and be able to set to large for music purposes.

    Center: I would guess whatever would match with the fronts.

    Surrounds: Nothing too special, but need to be small...maybe 6-8".

    Sub: As much bass as I can get! Mostly for HT here, but would like to suppliment the fronts.

    I've read through as many threads here as possible, so I've tried to do my research here. Budget is probably going to be around $500-$600.

    If you could recommend a receiver in the $200 range that would be quite helpful. This will be for HT and music equally with an emphasis on bass and midranges. Think rock music, bass type stuff and HT vs. classical and jazz sound.

    I really appreciate all the help so far and appreciate the patience you guys have shown with a beginner.
  2. John Garcia

    John Garcia Executive Producer

    Jun 24, 1999
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    I'd recommend adjusting the budget a little or saving longer. At $200, your choices among receivers is not very good, and at just $300, those choices improve quite a bit. Your receiver is a big part of your system, don't skimp here.

    At $500 total for speakers, you will again be limited, but not out to dry, though I would not expect a great sub AND great speakers with this budget. You might want to consider Fluance or Home Theater Direct speaker sets.

    Locally, head to Circuit City, as they should be closing out Polk's RTi line, and you could get a decent deal.

    For a sub, Parts Express has the Tiny Mighty that won't break your budget.
  3. Ian-Fl

    Ian-Fl Second Unit

    Jul 13, 2003
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    If you want a good system for music I'd go with the Fluance sx-htb and a referb Harman Kardon avr125 for $179 free shipping at ecost.com
    The dayton sub at partsexpress is a good choice.
    That setup will put you on budget between $500 and $600. I have all this equipment at home and I listen to music more than I watch films.
    I doubt you could get a system like that from your local retailers with a limited budget.
    If you want only bookshelf sized speakers that could be more of a problem for music with this budget. There's the JBL nsp1II set but I doubt they're as good for music as the sx-htb set are.
    There's also the Onkyo sks-ht500 speaker set but that comes with a sub that some people find weak. If you're talking about how you want more bass? Well......
    I also saw good reviews with the HC6 Accoustic Research speakers and sub. There's no brackets to mount them on walls and they are ported so you'll have to mount them on stands. I've seen them on the internet for $400.
  4. Keith*D

    Keith*D Agent

    Sep 14, 2003
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    With your budget you are definantly going to want bookshelves. If you want to buy locally I would go to Best Buy and look at JBL and Athena bookshelves. If you want to put most of your money up front than spend about $450 on your left, right and center, then go to CC and get the Sony bookshelves for $25 each. For your sub get the Dayton mentioned earlier, and for reciever get the HK AVR 125 direct from HK.


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