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    Right now my system consists of a decent sounding Sony HTiB with 5 satelite speakers, a subwoofer, and reciever. All had ben going well until a couple days ago when I bought an X-Box and connected it to my reciever to get the advantage of playing games in 5.1. The thing is that now I'm noticing that the volume of my back left channel is way lower than the rest of my speakers therefore making it so that sounds in the back while playing games sound like they come primarily from the back right speaker. I don't recall having a problem like this when watching DVD movies and judging by my reciever's test tones this problem sounds like it is confined to that one speaker. Anyone know what may be causing this? it's like the speaker still works but the sound is much lower than the other speakers. I haven't changed any volume settings in my reciever, and currently the X-Box is connected via optical cable (if that's any help). On top of that I'm not really hard on my equipment except that lately while playing games back in surround the reciever will sometimes go into protect mode, mainly when it goes into a cinematic scene but this has happned in game too. Thanks for any help.
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    A few simple things to try:

    1. Check all connections on the receiver and speakers for a good fit, especially the optical cable.
    2. Switch the two rear speakers with each other to see if the problem remains the same. If the back-left is still low, your problem is not the speakers but further upstream. If the back-right is now too low, the problem is the speaker.
    3. Re-check the settings, even if you don't think they have been changed.

    Good luck!

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