Speaker positioning in 6.1(or 7.1) setups

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    Jan 10, 2001
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    I am going to be making the jump into 7.1 surround soon (probably the Onkyo TXDS898), and I have a question on speaker positioning for the surrouds.

    First of all, can anyone recommend a website that has diagrams of speaker placements?

    Second, since it will be very difficult for me to mount a "side surround" speaker on the left hand side of my HT (there is no wall, and I have a vaulted ceiling that is higher on the left than on the right), I was wondering if it is sonically permissible to have both the "side surrounds" and the "back surrounds" on the back wall. Currently, in my 5.1 setup, the rear speakers are mounted on the back wall and are angled at about 45 degrees toward the sweet spot (somewhere in the middle of my living room). Like I said, since I won't be able to mount side surrounds very easily, can I just put the back surrounds in the middle of the two side ones? I'd probably sill angle the side ones in, but I'd probably have them practically facing one another.

    Has anyone else got the same problem that I do? What did you do about it? I really don't want to use speaker stands (the speakers would be too low) or mount from the ceiling (it would look REALLY bad).

    If I could change anything about my HT setup to help, I would, but I'm gonna be stuck with an open side at all times.
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    Hi Chris,
    First I would recommend holding off on the 7.1 set up. There is no material being written for it and there is no set consensus standard for placement of the additional speaker. I have heard everything from mounting it overhead to placing it above the center front.
    Regarding your rear speaker problem, I would probably get some good diffusers for the sides and a decent rear center which will cover more area and should leave virtually no dead spots. The original purpose for the back was to add a background that would not drown out the front, so diffusers and a matrixed back and or sides sounds like a good way to go. Let us know what works best [​IMG]

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