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  1. James Brown

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    Jul 18, 2002
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    I'm running Energy satellite mains and I've got them temporarily wall mounted at the corners of the room about 4 inches from the ceiling. (trying to get a feel for what's good.) When Im watching movies, the off screen sounds sound so far from the screen. It's almost like I hear MY front door open. Is there an adjustment for this via my Denon receiver or should I just bring the speakers closer? Or is this the way its supposed to be? I've read here that the surrounds shouldn't pull your attention from the screen. Is this the same for the mains? Im looking to buy speaker stands but my budget is really tight and would rather spend that on new speaker wire and movies.

    You all have been very helpful in this new hobby of mine.
  2. Bill_Weinreich

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    Sep 25, 2000
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    Hi James,

    I would have to recommend bring the speakers down and maybe in (How far apart are they?) I think you will get a much better effect if you have them located around the sam height as the center of the screen and at equal distances from the center channel, which should also be as close to the sreen as possible. If you have enough wire (or just attach some xtra for now), temporarilly set them on something near the TV and try it out. Getting new wire and movies are important, but get the sound right first.


    P.S. If you dont already have them, get an SPL meter and a Video Essentials or Avia disk.
  3. Wendell

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    Jul 23, 2002
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    Do you have the output levels set properly on each speaker?
    I agree with Bill, get yourself a db/spl meter and a test disc to properly set them up.

    I used to have the Energy Encore system and they were great!
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    G. Alan Brown
    Your choice of location for your front mains is a serious compromise. If your priority is quantity over quality, leave them there and buy more movies. If you want to become part of the story being told in the film, realism is the goal. Get your speakers placed so the sound goes with the activity on the screen. The more you study this hobby of yours the more enjoyment you will realize from your investment. We all face compromises in the inclusion of hardware in our living spaces, and budgets. Get some kind of temporary, low-cost speaker stands for those fronts. Having them up in corners detaches the localization of sounds from the action on the screen. In theaters the speakers are usually behind the perforated screen. The sounds emminate directly from the activity being projected.
    Sound reflects off of surfaces very much like light does. When you have three reflecting surfaces near your speakers (ceiling, right wall & left wall) many sounds reach your ears with three additional, closely timed repetitions or reflections. This confuses your brain and blurs the sonic image. It is very desireable to place your main speakers away from nearby surfaces as much as possible. The center channel speaker, unless designed properly, is difficult to match the sonic character of the left and right fronts. This is due to the usual placement on top of the TV. The reflections off of the surface of the screen present problems. To have your center channel on the TV and the other fronts up in the corners makes audio pans from one side of the screen to the other sound really weird. In other words- not real.
    The goal in every film and a successfully designed commercial theater is the same as a properly designed home theater- the suspension of disbelief. Use that as your guide and many design and implementation issue will be clarified.
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