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Jun 28, 2017
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Thank you in advance for your help and understanding of my ignorance on most of this subject.
I am currently building out the rest of my basement into a multipurpose room. I cannot dedicate this into a theater only room but do want to set up for better use. We don't do much gaming or listening to music but would be watching movies and shows on this set up. I will attach some pen drawings of the layout of the room for clarification. For reference the ceiling is 7'4" and the room is essentially 15' x 33'. The seating and viewing area will be in the middle as pictured. You will notice there is an alcove for the display (T.V.) and tis is because of the post & beam construction for the house. This is where my biggest dilemma and questions come in. Within the alcove the TV will be mounted. I had planned on placing a powered sub in there too so it will be out of the way and keep it from being kicked, did I mention I have 3 kids (11, 6 & 20months)? That is also why I will be installing "in wall" speakers along with wife's requests. I plan on having some in wall units behind the couch for the rear speakers along with some 6" RBH ceiling units ( I actually have 6 of these so I can install more than 2 if it would be advantageous). The front speakers are what have me scratching my head. I already have a Definitive Technology UIW-75 front center speaker to go below or above the TV. My question is the placement of the other 2 or 4 front speakers. I was originally looking at pacing them along side of the TV (within the alcove) but was worried about whether this will negatively affect the sound being in the alcove. Then I thought about putting them in the walls just outside of the alcove on the sides. Last thought was to install them in both places, is that a horrible idea? Can I just install them into the alcove as originally thought and have adequate sound?
I forgot to mention that I have a Sony DN-1010 receiver that will be used until later date to power this set up. I don't have the rest of the in wall speakers yet. I have an older Atlantic Technology 250 speaker set but wanted to stay away from face of wall mount for above mentioned reasons. I have opportunity to buy a set of 4 sonance symphony s634t speakers from a buddy for $150. I was also looking at some Definitive Technology DT-6.5LCR for $115 ea. Being my budget is being reduced due to construction costs of room, the set up might a bit temporary at first, unless set up turns out to be adequate for us. I am looking at only looking to spend another $300-350 for the 4 remaining speakers. (the 2 next to TV might come from other friend) but those sonance symphonys are sounding pretty good for the price. Someone also mentioned I look into the BIC FH8 or PRO6 speakers to stay low on cost but still sound good.
Any and all suggestions and help are appreciated.


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