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    I am building a new home and was wondering if it would be better to mount surround speakers behind the sitting area under the bar or mount them in the cieling above my sitting area. my living room is conected to my kitchen or open floor plan as most people call it the surronds if mounted there would be ear level and abought three foot back any advice would be helpfull. if you suggest cieling mount could you tell me of one with a bracket I am really not wanting to go flush mount. michael [​IMG]
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    I have had directs and dipoles in both the rear and side placement locations. I always much preferred a rear placement which gives a closer match with the screen action. A plane flying overhead sounds better moving from front to back than from front to sides. Also, surround speakers need room to "breathe". Placing them right up on you deos not provide the desired effect (for me at least). Same as placing your front 3 speakers 3 feet from you. I would suggest hanging them off the ceiling as far back as you can, or plaing them at ear level even further back, on stands if they are bookshelves.

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