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    Hello Everyone, I am very new to this, so I apologies if this was covered by an older thread. To give you a better idea of the question i am going to ask, allow me first to describe my set up. I have a very large rectangular room (not exact dimensions but roughly 12 ft x 30 ft), I split the room up in half (12ft x15) and set up my 5.1 system. Now I know this setup is not ideal for listening to music (for the rest of the room). I was wondering if i can use my zone 2 on my receiver and place the speakers perpendicular to how my 5.1 system is set. (so the stereo speakers are facing out to the rest of the room). Think of the room as a living room loft - My office is on the other half of the room. What do you guys think? A
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    If you mean placing them on the 15' side on the other half of the room, that works. But if you mean you want to separate them by 30', that's too far. You'll really only have two individual speakers. I would do something else, place them on the 12' wall on the other end, and when you use them run the A-side in all channel stereo mode (plus the B channel).

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