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Nov 17, 2006
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Ron Sweet

I recently purchased a Yamaha HT-690 surround system (five speakers with subwoofer and HTR-6140 AV receiver) and am in the process of setting up the speakers in my bedroom. I have a Toshiba 62MX195 HD TV and have attached (with velcro) the center channel speaker on top of the TV (which is about 59” wide). My front wall is 16 ½ feet wide, but there is a doorway on the far left side, about 3 feet from the corner (with a door that I always keep open). The left side of the TV is just to the right of the doorway. My question involves exactly where I should place the front left and right speakers.

My original thought was to place the left speaker on the wall to the left side of the doorway, and I strung the speaker wire over the doorway’s molding to that location, about 5 ½ feet from the center speaker. I strung the speaker wire for the right speaker just to the right of the TV’s right edge, about 2 ¼ feet from the center speaker. I’m a newbie to all of this, so my logic on the placement of the left speaker may not have been very sound (no pun intended). Given my set up, exactly where should I place my front speakers?

1) Will the sound be better if the left speaker is to the right of the doorway, given that the door is always open and sound would “escape” if I put the speaker on the right hand side of it?

2) I know that the front speakers should be between 6-10 feet apart (as per my manual) but how important is it for each of them to be the exact same distance from the center speaker? Given my set up, if they needed to be the same distance from the center speaker, I have two options:
a) I can move the left speaker to the right side of the doorway, making it also 2 ¼ feet from the center speaker. To make this work, I will have to elevate the speaker by quite a bit because of how high the top of the TV is. The left speaker would have to be only about 15” from the ceiling. Otherwise, the speaker would partially be “behind” the top of the TV.
b) I can leave the left speaker on the left side of the doorway, and move the right speaker and its wiring over so that it is also 5 ½ feet from the center speaker. Potential issue with this is that the rear speakers have to be aligned or to the outside of the front speakers (as per my manual). But in order to make this work, my left rear speaker will have to be raised so that it is almost touching the ceiling because there is a window in the left corner back there.

I tried uploading a layout of my room but the sizing is too big. My bedroom is 16 1/2x17 feet and my bed is centered from the TV, with the end of my bed about four feet from the front of the TV. Any advice would be appreciated!

Thanks, Ron


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Jun 20, 2000
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Given your options, I would probably go ahead and move the left speaker past the door and get the right speaker further to the right, if you can without raising it so high. It's not ideal, but better than having the front speakers almost at the ceiling.


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Apr 27, 2004
The back speakers don't really have to be separated as much as the front ones. THX is recommending that the back speakers be near each other, so they can use it as a single back and then use the surrounds to "drag" rear sounds around. Odd, but whatever.

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