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Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Jonathan Dagmar, May 28, 2003.

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    I would like some opinions on my speaker setup in my bedroom. It is a small room, about 11' by 9'. The theatre is set up with the tv and mains on one of the short walls. This is really the only way it can work, as in addition to it being a small room, it is also a loft with a low, sloped ceiling, about 6ft hight (yeah, I duck when I move around). In addition I have a desk crammed into this room as well, and it can't be moved out. I have tired other furniture arrangemenet, but this is the oly way it works.

    I have made a diagram that illusrates to the best of my abilty how i have things set up.


    my concern is mainly with the placement of the front speakers. they are only four feet apart, and I am thinking that maye they I am not getting an optium stero effect this way. I really don't have a clue how I would fix this, given my space contraints, and the fact that the tv and speaker sit in front of a half wall that indlude a doorway.

    Anyway, if anyone has any comments or suggestions, i am all ears.
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    4 feet apart offers a fine stereo effect, if you are seated about 4-5 feet from each speaker.

    This is like a mid field listening setup like I have in my small room: See bottom of page.

    Practice toeing in the speakers directly towards the listener and seeing how that sounds. If it's too bright or edgy then toe them out a bit until it sounds good yet still has a nice soundstage.

    If the speakers have too much bass and are close to a wall, then try bringing them out away from the wall. Mine are about 8 inches from the wall which is enough where they arn't in the way, but arn't getting too much bass enhancement.

    If there's a big reflection, like from a desk near one speaker or a table. Try putting a thick blanket over the flat surface to minimize the reflection. This can improve imaging during critical listening and doesn't involve careful placement of acoustic treatments.

    Good luck.

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