speaker placement for 6.1 system

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    Thanks to all who responded to my questions on speaker mounts.

    New question: I'm considering a 6.1 system and have some uncertainties about where I should place the speakers. First of all, are the normal surrounds (R/L) still recommended to be a little above and behind the listener, or should they be placed pretty much in line with the listening position?

    Also, should the center surround be placed at the same height as the R/L surrounds? And if you upgrade to 7.1, how far apart should the two center surrounds be? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys...

    Scott Stephens
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    Hello Scott,
    (MT related aside: I talked to my brother today who was on his way to Shelby from Cut Bank. He said it was snowing all morning.)
    I would suggest looking at a couple mid-range receiver manuals in there speaker placement sections such as the Denon 5800 or the Onkyo 787 or the Dolby Speaker Placement section here. There is also www.thx.com but it seems to be down at his moment.
    That should give you a good start.

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