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Apr 14, 2003

I have been looking through all of the posts and have yet to find The answer or even the question that I am inquiring about.

My question really is about speaker distances. what should the distances be on my speakers. If i have a perfect square as my theater space and my TV is in the Front center of my room my seating area is in the rear center of the room ... how far from the center speaker should my front Right and Left speakers be from the center? and the same for my rear channels .. I am setting up a 6.1 system. Does this even matter.. I would assume that what ever this distance may be it should be the same for either side. And what is the hight that these speakers should be set at. I read somewhere on how to set up my front center using a laser level and having it point towards the head region of the listner. Should I do something similar with the rest of the spakers haveing them point to the listner and use the laser to find the correct angel.

Ted Lee

Senior HTF Member
May 8, 2001
And what is the hight that these speakers should be set at.
have the tweeter as close to ear level as possible. the exception may be the rear speakers - those are typically set higher.

all being said and done, i can honestly tell you unless you have some golden ears, you probably won't even be able to tell. don't put too much faith in this - get it as close as you can, kick back, and crank it up.

also, check out this article on speaker placement from dolby.com

[edit] in all my typing i forgot that we're talking about ht, not stereo. tbh, i'm not sure how speaker distance (from the center speaker) comes into play. i think the general principles still apply, but i'm not 100%.

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