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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Jonny*D, Jun 7, 2005.

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    What DB level should I be looking at (Fronts compared Backs compared to sub)

    I have the Pioneer 1014 and when I ran the MCACC, It set each speaker at different DB levels like +4.5DB or +6.5DB. However the sub was turned down to a -9.5db. I started changing all levels manually making each speaker 4.5db but what to I put the sub at??

    Please! Lots of help. I'm pretty new at this manual adjusting.
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    Your levels depend on your room. It is HIGHLY unlikely that the levels for each of your speakers should be the same. By setting the speakers to the same level, you are defeating the purpose of the auto adjust feature. If your receiver set the sub level that low, then I'd take a look at the volume on the sub and reduce it some to get the level closer to the other speakers. That means you are likely running your sub very hot (level).

    I think many have said the auto-EQs/level adjust are not perfect on many receivers, so use MCACC first, then adjust to your personal taste or go out and buy a SPL meter and do the adjustments manually.

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