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Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by WilliamJay, Nov 25, 2001.

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    Nov 16, 2001
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    I currently have Paradigm Monitor 5s and the CC-370 up-front and Cambridge Soundworks dipoles (from previous system)in back with a Basscube 8 as my subwoofer.

    I recently listened to a pair B&W 602 S2 and Reference Studio 40s. I thought they both sounded very nice. If I eventually wanted to upgrade to the B&Ws or Studio 40s, would I be better off in first getting a pair of Paradigm mini monitors for the rears along with an SVS 20-39cs sub to complete this system and then repalace the fronts and rears when I have the cash? Or, would I be better off going straight to the B&Ws or Studio 40s for the fronts, eventuually replacing the center channel, and using the Monitor 5's as rears. This means I would also have to hold off on the SVS Sub. It could take six months or longer to purchase the matching center channel and SVS sub.

    Which of these upgrading paths makes the most sense given I enjoy both music and HT equally?

    Just for the record, I do enjoy the monitor 5s, I just think the sound quality is significantly better from both the 602 S2 and Studio 40.
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    Nov 28, 2000
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    Here is my advice on your situation:

    1. It will be very hard to notice the difference in quality of your rear speakers as they are being used normally. So, I would leave the Cambridge ones up there and change them last.

    2. It will be *very* noticeable when you upgrade to SVS from the little BassCube. I would do that upgrade first.

    3. I would try to avoid having a mismatched front soundstage. I.e. I would upgrade the fronts and center at the same time.

    Hope that helps!

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