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    Jan 16, 2003
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    I'm in the process of upgrading my existing home stereo system. Well at least some of it right now. Currently I have my 7 year old Technics Pro-Logic receiver (class h+) for at least another year. My speakers are a set of Allison Acoustics AL-115's in the front, Allison center channel, Allison sub,and Bose 201 in the rears. So as you can see I don't need the Cadillac to be happy, but I would like to upgrade and remove some size with minimal loss in sound quality.

    My room is 15X18 with 9 foot ceilings. I want a speaker that is either small enough to mount in the front corners or in-walls. The center and rears (bi-polar) will match the rest of my speakers when all is said and done. So let's focus on the fronts only.

    I've looked at 4 different brands of bookshelf speakers; Polk RT28i, Definitive ProMonitor 100, Klipsch SB-1, and Paradigm Atom. All of these seem to be small enough to mount up in the corners. When listening to them the Definitive definitely had the best sound and were the most expensive at $175/speaker. Klipsch was a little strong on the high end, Paradigm strong on the low end, and Polk was weak in the middle. I've also looked at Klipsch in-walls SCW-2/RCW-3 and Polks. The polk salesman at Circuit City told me to go with the Klipsch if I wanted in-walls.

    So any help on these selections or other recommended options would be greatly appreciated. Based on the models I'm looking at you can see I'm not going top of the line. Just a good quality sounding speaker. I would also like for the line to have center and rear bi-polars as well so I can keep everything together.

    Thanks for all your help guys!!!
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    Have you looked at Ascend Acoustics(ascendacoustics.com)? The CBM-170's across the front with HTM-200's as surrounds is great little system for around $700. Just L/R 170 mains $328. Read the reviews In $ensible Sound Issue #92 and at cheaphometheater.com(great resource for the smaller systems you're interested in). For the best sound with bookshelf speakers you will need a sub. I can't tell if you have one or if you plan to use one. If your budget is tight the DLS 10 from partsexpress.com at $100 is considered the present top value.

    I replaced my MiniMonitor/Atom set up with the CBM 170s and the sound is so much better. The 170's are rear ported so that might be an issue for wall mounting. I just now put my stands back an inch off the wall and it didn't seem to affect the sound. I'm sure others here can suggest good front ported or sealed speakers for you if that is an issue. Also, you might get suggestions on bookshelves with the best bass if you don't want to use a sub.

    My personal opinion on in-wall speakers is that you are going to have to spend close to double cabinet speakers to get the same quality of sound. If I'm wrong. It won't be the first time.

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