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    I'm using the Polk RM 6600 system with a PSW 350. Originally when I got the system I mounted the speakers using the included brackets on the wall.

    I'm concerned that I have them a little-- or way-- too high. Originally I was trying to line the fronts' height up with my center channel which is on top of my 32" Sony, which is in a wood cabinet. That puts the fronts at about 5'. I do have them angled down, but they are essentially flush with the wall. Also, they are about 2 feet further back than the center channel. My other concern relating to them is sound bouncing off of the cabinet(it's about 7 feet tall with wood siding). There really isn't a "clear line" of sound from either speaker to the center of the couch. Would there be a substantial increase in sound if I were to buy stands for them and bring them in line with the center channel as far as depth? The only reason I ask is they've always kind of sounded distant to me in comparison with the center channel. I've used the Avia test cd to calibrate the levels and it's pretty much the same situation.

    Further, I'm concerned I got carried away with the "high and to the side" suggestion for the rears. They are about 8 feet up, mounted on the wall off to the side of the couch. Owing to the arch that leads into the kitchen I didn't really have much option, but I'm wondering if I shouldn't put those on stands too.

    Any suggestions would really be appreciated.


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    The tweeter is generally the most important for imaging. I don't quite understand your current setup but I can still make suggestions: [​IMG]
    - The center channel can be up to 3 feet above/below the mains but is probably best if the mains are directly to the left and right of it.
    - The mains and center channel should be arranged to form a line or be equidistant to the listener.
    - The tweeters at ear level height can help forward the presentation.
    If you cannot "See" the tweeters from the listening position that is a bad sign. Any refective wall such as the side of a wood cabinet will also affect the sound of the speaker (Even if directly behind the speaker).
    For the money, I think some budget stands would be well worth it.
  3. Rob Rodier

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    Tweeters should also be at ear level. Or at lesst angled down towards the listener. I would suggest getting some stands and getting your front three flush


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