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Speaker Connections

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by ShawnF, Sep 20, 2002.

  1. ShawnF

    ShawnF Stunt Coordinator

    Mar 5, 2001
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    I have been connecting my Energy Encore speakers to my Onkyo Home Theater receiver (TX-DS676) in the traditional format. However, upon further research, I have learned that some folks are recommending the following configuration for
    movies and music:

    hook up the four satellites and the center channel to corresponding speaker posts on amplifier as normal.

    Use standard speaker wire to connect right High Level Input post on rear of subwoofer to FRONT RIGHT speaker post on amplifier.

    Connect left High Level Input post on rear of subwoofer to FRONT LEFT speaker post on amplifier.

    Do NOT use a subwoofer cable to connect the subwoofer to your amp.

    When hooked up correctly, you will have two sets of speaker wire running from each FRONT speaker post on your amp...one to a satellite and one to the subwoofer.

    Set front speakers to LARGE on your amplifier. Set amplifier to indicate "No Subwoofer."

    Am I not maximizing the performance of my speakers with my present configuration?

    Thanks to all.
  2. Lew Crippen

    Lew Crippen Executive Producer

    May 19, 2002
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    Yes you are. Don't change.
  3. John Garcia

    John Garcia Executive Producer

    Jun 24, 1999
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    Whomever told you that is mistaken. This is EXACTLY the same thing as using a pre-amp sub cable with the mains set to large. There is no benefit to doing this that I can think of.

    The alternative is to connect the sub this way, but feed the mains from the speaker level output of the sub, with the mains set to large. This allows the sub to handle the x-over point between the mains and the sub, rather than the receiver.
  4. Will Orth

    Will Orth Stunt Coordinator

    Sep 14, 2002
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    Well if you have a SUB out RCA on your receiver and have a built in X-OVER on your sub amp this is the correct method and will yeild the best result.

  5. Wayne A. Pflughaupt

    Aug 5, 1999
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    Katy, TX
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    The problem with this connection is that it provides no filtering for the L/R main speakers. This means they are operating full range.

    With large speakers, this would mean that they would be reproducing, in duplicate, frequencies typically assigned only to the sub. This can give muddy-up and “bloated” bass in the duplicated frequencies.

    With small speakers, like the Encores, the lack of filtering means they will be trying to reproduce frequencies much lower than they were designed to. The Encores have tiny 4” woofers; sending a powerful 40Hz signal to them (not altogether uncommon in movies, especially action flicks) will certainly overdrive them. The woofers can be damaged or blown.

    For best protection and performance of this speaker system, you should connect the sub via the line-level RCA cable, and set the L/R fronts to “small.”

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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