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    I just finished building a in-wall unit containing my 36"TV, DVD, Receiver,CD, SAT and VCR's.The problem is the front speakers, the rear surrounds I hang to the rear of my living room and run the wires thru the floor and into the basement coming up into the in wall unit. The center speaker is on the top shelf of the unit angled down on door stops(per HTF tweaks), But my fronts are wired so that the wires go down into the basement and come up thru small holes(1/2") in the floor at the junction of the base board and floor. To make it cleaner I was thinking of putting speaker jack plates on either side of the in-wall unit just above the baseboard and plugging the speakers in there. Would I experience sound degradation if I run 12awg from my receiver thru the wall, solder to the plates and then have 12awg run from there to the speakers? I can email anyone a digital picture(jpg) of the in-wall unit if you would care to see it? I just have to finish the bottom drawers on it.
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    Done properly, there would be no audible degradation. The wall plates I have seen can accomodate banana plugs and spades. Simply use either one to terminate the inwall wire to the plate. Then you do the same for the wire outside the wall to the speaker. Very neat and it works.

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