Speaker clicking during reference calibration

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    Nov 19, 2002
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    (Not sure if this would have been better under the speaker forum, but decided to put it here)

    My Studio/20s click when playing the Avia calibration tones. This scares me and I never finish calibration.

    Specifically, instead of the constant white noise, I get white noise with clicks. This occurs way before reaching even 75dB on the SPL meter. (In another thread I suggested by SPL meter may be bad -- any way to test it?)

    Is my receiver clipping? Or is this some Avia thing?

    (For what its worth, this is with a HK525 w/70 Watts. I did the calculations and didn't expect this behavior. When I calibrate with the EzSet it works and there is no clicking.)

    Thanks for any thoughts you may have.

    ... Altan
  2. Yogi

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    Jul 25, 2002
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    It might be something in Avia or your DVD player. Even if your SPL meter was showing lower readings the speakers shouldn't be clicking at any volume. Just go with the HK's internal test tones.

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