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    I have a newbie question. I bought the Avia home theater calibration DVD to calibrate my HTB (Sony HT1300d). I have done this with the video but am having problems with the audio. Can anyone tell me, who is familiar with this model, how to adjust individual speaker levels to match all the speakers?? I've read the Sony manual but it does not appear that I can adjust each individual speaker (you may be able to but I don't understand how). In addition another question. When the DVD sends out test tones to the individual speakers and it reaches the two rear speakers I get sound out of both of them. When it says "Left Rear" it comes out of both the left and right and vice versa. If anyone can give me any help I would extremely thankful.

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    Not familiar with that system so I cannot explain how to calibrate, but when the tones for one surround come out of both it usually means you are using the analog rather than the digital connection, which means you are hearing downconverted Pro-Logic instead of Dolby Digital. Instead of (or in addition to) having the DVD audio hooked up using the 2 (red and white) audio connectors, you should be using the coax or optical outs on the DVD to the digital in on the receiver. If you are already using the coax or optical digital connection, you must still go into the DVD setup menu and turn the audio out mode to "bitstream". Also turn on "DTS" from the same menu, if it is there.

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